How We Help

Mothers Against Violence Healing Ministry offers several layers of help:

  • We go to crime scenes to connect with the victims’ family
  • We offer resources such as funeral clothing, burial clothing, burial donations, etc…
  • We attend the funeral and provide a card for the family
  • We attend vigils together and stand united against violence
  • We bring flowers for the grieving mother and provide our contact information
  • We offer a support application where we share words of encouragement daily
  • We bring food to families in the days following the death
  • We continue to connect and reach out to mothers to help them during their grieving process
  • We gather as a group for community outings to help uplift the spirits of our mothers
  • We engage in balloon releases and memorial vigils for the children of our members

Ready to find you how you can help?

You can help our Healing Ministry to be there for Mothers (and their families) during times of loss and sorrow. Contact us today to make a donation.